When selecting a company to care for the outside of your home or business, you want someone with experience.  Someone meticulous with a vested interest in doing the job right and ensuring your satisfaction.  Someone who will treat your property as though it were their own.  Someone like Salt City Mows & More!

The roots of Salt City Mows & More run deep.  We have to go back to the early 1970’s.  My Dad asked me to help him with mowing the lawn.  I was excited to accept!  For a boy my age, anything with wheels and a motor was sure to be fun.  Little did I know that “help” meant different things to both of us.  The lawn at our camp had a steep bank.  He got a length of clothesline, tied one end around the base of the motor, and tossed the other end to me at the top of the bank.  We worked together, him pushing and me pulling, to mow the bank from one side to the other.  Not what I had in mind, but it was a start!

A few years later I took on the responsibility of maintaining the lawns, shrubs, trees, and perennials of my childhood home.  We had several acres with a mix of everything, so there was always something to do.  I learned how to maintain all the equipment, trim hedges, prune trees, and transplant shrubs.  My absolute favorite thing to do was install mulch.  Unlike the common mulch today, we used cocoa bean shells.  They were light, easy to spread, and smelled amazing while working with them.  When the cocoa bean shells got wet from rain, the aroma would be enhanced and – if you like chocolate – would put a smile on your face while walking past.

During high school and college I earned money working for older neighbors doing landscape maintenance and mowing.  After college I got started with my sales and marketing career, and the next 30+ years worked in the areas of computer systems and communication equipment, healthcare, and human resources.  Throughout that time I continued honing my landscape skills with projects installing decks, stone patios, and retaining walls.

Over the years, I have had one extremely particular, perfectionist, long term “client”.  She held a high standard for anyone doing work for her.  If I can keep my Mom happy, I am quite sure you will be pleased with what Salt City Mows & More can do for you!